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ILO, a magician robot, goes on an odyssey to find terraforming beacons using magical blocks and powers in the blend of a platform and strategy game.

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Dive into the captivating world of Maginot, a puzzle game designed for children, featuring the expeditions of Ilo – a pint-sized wizard robot dispatched to a remote, derelict planet by humans to establish a thriving civilization amidst danger and adversity. Ilo, with its quaint pointed hat and spellbinding tome, ventures out into an environment teeming with hostilities, in search of the terraforming beacons that will ensure the planet's rejuvenation. The game employs "magic" cubes to progress, enabling it to soar, halt time, or permeate through obstructions, all undoubtedly essential to traverse the tactical challenges that lay before it.
Offering a unique fusion of a strategic and platform game, Maginot requires the player to strategically place action cubes to facilitate character control and traverse hurdles in their path. In addition to the 40 interactive levels, Maginot offers two gameplay modes—Puzzle and Action—and nine distinctive magical abilities, all obtainable as the player advances through the game.

Step into the realm of Maginot, a truly innovative game designed to engage, thrill, and take users on an odyssey of epic proportions.
Criss Cross Games
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Single player

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