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Survive the eldritch apocalypse, choose your allegiance, master combos and stealth, and conquer in this pixel art ACTION game.

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Once a flourishing world, now a land overrun by monstrous creatures that bring forth nothing but darkness, hopelessness, and challenge. Survivors are scarce, and they have no option other than to fight for their place in this grim reality, constantly plotting to overthrow their foes. As the chosen one to carry the ultimate burden, the Herald's Blade, you are entrusted with the future of your covenant. However, will you prevail as the new Overlord, or would you support your group? The choice, if it exists, is tough.

Experience a marvelous ACTION STEALTH game made exclusively for mobile devices. The game welcomes you to the cruel world of pixel art crafted by hands that will take you through epic landscapes, challenging combats, and hidden heartbreaks. With only one hand, you can defeat your foes with finesse by using special combos and items while dashing across the environment at lightning speed. Discover a clandestine conspiracy that could shake the very foundation of this destroyed world where foes could intervene, and friends could betray you.

Learn to master the blade, adapt to your surroundings, and CONQUER your fear!


You are one against the world. Death is inevitable, and failure is the only seed to success.

The game offers two alternate endings; upon completing, try your luck in the ENDLESS MODE where you will explore procedurally generated levels to push your limit.

The game offers an array of challenge, with over 15 different types of quirky enemies, Elite enemies, and four terrifying bosses that test your combat skills.

Explore every corner of the pixel world, interpret the greater detail behind the clandestine conspiracies with engaging characters.

As you bounce back and forth between waking nightmares and flashbacks, learn more about your origin, and shift perspectives on what constitutes evil.

With a touch screen naturally hardwired to respond to control gestures, combat and movement blend intuitively.

The game is a combination of intense, unnerving, and mysterious storylines, coupled with unforgiving dashing and combat sequences that lead to an unforgettable experience.

Experience the ultimate challenge, where the only tools that can aid you are speed, skills, and keen reflexes to conquer enormous bosses, solve complex puzzles, and deal with powerful items to survive this grim pixel reality.

HANDMADE AND ORIGINAL ART - Each element has been designed intuitively to keep you on your toes and immerse you in the game.

A dark journey awaits you as you heed the call of the Herald. Will you face the challenge?
Anthony Romano
Release date
Jan 20, 2023

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