GamesMad Survivor: Arid Warfire

Mad Survivor: Arid Warfire

Game overview

Rebuild civilization in an apocalyptic wasteland. Build a base, grow a force, explore the unknown, unite allies and win together. Will you survive?

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Enter a world where a new order has replaced the old one. The wasteland before you is a desolate landscape, ravaged by nuclear attacks. Only barbarians remain, while civilization has become an ancient memory. However, there are still individuals with righteous minds who seek to bring light to the wasteland and restore order. Do you have what it takes to thrive in this chaotic world? Prove your worth and show the wasteland who's in charge.

Assemble a powerful and impregnable base to support your prosperous wasteland adventure. In this desert basion, oversee everything from constructing buildings to resource procurement, and give orders to lead your empire into a brighter future.

Recruit incredible Heroes and raise an unbeatable army to defend your base and crush your enemies. Join forces with Heroes who possess exceptional fighting skills, train various soldier types to strengthen your military, and let your might rule the wasteland.

Dispatch scouts to reveal what lies beyond your reach; riches waiting to be discovered, new adversaries to vanquish and desert structures ready to seized. Embark on an expedition to take down foes and reap plentiful rewards.

Survival is easier when you have trusted allies. Build or join an Alliance, find like-minded individuals, and unite to form a powerful and unstoppable force. Help each other develop faster, carry out strategic combats against enemies, and savour group victories and successes.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of building a new empire in the midst of chaos? Start your journey now and remember, safety first.

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Release date
Oct 25, 2023
Single player



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