Mad BalloonRider

Mad BalloonRider

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Game overview

Navigate a balloon character through obstacles, collect fuel, and activate Fever mode to reach the finish line.

Game description generated withAI

As the master of the game, your key aim is to direct the balloon character. During gameplay, numerous obstacles such as black blocks, disposables, and pink bouncing objects will come your way. You can either dodge them or tactfully leverage them to your advantage. To achieve fever mode and send your balloon character rocketing up towards the sky, you must fill the bounce gauge to the brim. Regardless of the challenges on your path, your ultimate goal is to move the balloon character towards the finish line. Should you run out of fuel midway, you can easily replenish your supplies by collecting the fuel items scattered across the game level. In essence, the game is easy to understand and exciting to play!
Release date
Jul 29, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

THE MADNA - MAD GAME(official video)THE MADNA official YouTube channel
The Greatest Angry Gamers Tribute Montage Part 4Dark Renegade Productions
fancade drive mad gameplay level 24-61 [part 3]DiKi gameplay
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