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M Hold'em

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m HOLD'EM is a stylish, unique Texas Hold'em app with avatars designed by famous artists and a variety of modes, including tournaments and friend matches.

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m HOLD’EM is an app that allows you to play Texas Hold'em, a mind sport using cards and points. It is a satisfying app for those who have never played Texas Hold'em before, as well as those who continue to improve their skills towards achieving greatness. This app boasts a stylish design that breaks away from the image of existing Texas Hold'em games. Additionally, you can enjoy playing the game with animated avatars designed by famous illustrators and played by famous voice actors. You can also use character-specific stickers provided in the game to interact with other players while enjoying Texas Hold'em.

This app has four different modes to play, including "Rank Match," "m Point Match," "Tournament," and "Friend Match." In "Rank Match," you start from Bronze and aim to become a professional by ranking up one by one. Furthermore, the top 500 professional players each month become "Legends" the following month, earning the privilege to participate in special tournaments. Since Legends, which include professionals and other high-ranking players, change every month, you need to continually improve your skills even if you reach the highest rank.

In "m Point Match," you can play for free whenever and wherever you want, depending on your skill level and the number of m points you have. You can earn m points regularly through login bonuses and mission achievements.

In "Tournament," you use the points provided to participate. If your points reach zero, you are eliminated. The entrance fee (blind) gradually increases over time, so you need to defend your points while actively taking points from others. Keep fighting until you become the last person standing and aim for victory!

In "Friend Match," you can play Texas Hold'em with only the members you want by creating a room as the leader. Whether you are nearby friends or friends who live far away, enjoy playing with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

Visit the official website for more information: https://mpj-portal.jp/game/
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