Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

SoMoGa, Inc.

Game overview

Long ago, a great Dragonmaster named Dyne, with the aid of his faithful companions, defended the goddess Althena from a terrible evil. Time has passed, and those great adventurers have become the stuff of legend, but the world of Lunar is now threatened by a shadowy figure known as the Magic Emperor. In a humble village, far removed from the turmoil, lives a young man named Alex. Idolizing the legendary Dyne, Alex dreams of one day becoming a renowned Dragonmaster and matching the achievements of his lifelong hero. Encouraged by his childhood friend Ramus, Alex sets out with his companion Nall and his adopted sister Luna on a seemingly trivial quest, unaware that it would prove to be the first step in an epic adventure whose outcome will determine the fate of the entire world. Following the critically-acclaimed iOS port of the Japanese roleplaying game Vay, SoMoGa has returned to bring you Lunar: Silver Star Story, now with numerous enhancements for iOS! A traditional, turn-based Japanese RPG, this port offers: - Nearly a full hour of animated cut scenes - Remastered soundtrack with high quality music and voice tracks - A completely updated interface designed specifically for iOS devices - Retina artwork and widescreen gameplay - GameController support - And much more! *** NOTE: Requires devices with an A10 or better processor (iPhone 7, iPad Air Gen 3, iPad mini Gen 5, any iPad Pro).
SoMoGa, Inc.
Release date
Sep 20, 2012
Single player

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