Game overview

Lumari: a sandbox adventure with ethereal companions. Forge bonds, embark on quests, cultivate your haven, and create unforgettable experiences with nearby players.

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Enter into the enchanting world of Lumari, a communal sandbox adventure filled with numerous unknown territories, mystical spirit companions, and shared endeavors. Develop unbreakable connections with your Lumari allies, embark on thrilling missions alongside your companions, and craft your own idyllic domain. Roam across this vast realm, unearthing forgotten tales and embarking on exhilarating adventures.

In Lumari, the soul partners are the heart of the game, serving as the animating force. Communicate and bond with your Lumari companions to influence your escapades and achieve progress in distinct ways unlike any other game. Imagine sharing a lifetime with your Lumari!

Be prepared to be absorbed in an extensive universe that exudes authenticity and vitality, where Lumari possess distinctive desires and needs, thriving in harmony with their surroundings, battling malevolent foes, and impacted by the players' actions. Expect to plunge into an immersive world that is full of life and action.

In Lumari, home is synonymous with heart. Collaborate with your Lumari companions, cultivating gardens together, exchanging lighthearted banter, or creating a refuge where you feel at ease. The presence of your Lumari should evoke the same feelings of warmth and belonging that you experience with your real-life loved ones.

Elevate social interaction to the next level by creating your own unique narratives. Through Lumari, you can converge with like-minded players to build, explore, and participate in thrilling exploits while accompanied by your Lumari comrades. Embark on a journey where friendship knows no bounds, and Lumari awaits your personal touch.
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