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As Lowlife, heal downloaded Scripts and incept Memories to level up or trade for new Scripts to take down Villains. Full customization for all playstyles.

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In Lowlife game, you are not the one doing the damage, but the one keeping your team alive. As the game's protagonist, you control Lowlife, and your mission is to heal your party members as you journey through a dystopian future filled with corrupt villains.

You will face several simulations and raids that span across different worlds, and your priority remains the same - keep your party alive, and let them do the rest. You will gather memories along the way, which you can trade to acquire new scripts. If you already have downloaded scripts with god-rolled skills, you can level them up using memories or take them with you. Additionally, you can earn extra memories by selling your extra scripts in the auction house. You can also shop for scripts listed by other players from different parts of the world for your use.

The game features 35 distinct subclasses of scripts from which you can choose, including tanks and melee DPS for your front line, mages and Ranged DPS for the backline and shamans that can be placed anywhere in the party setup. As the game progresses, you will face a wide range of villains, some stronger than others. However, equipped with various healing spells, you can keep everyone (including yourself) alive. In addition, you can spend your earned parameter points to build your perfect healer class based on your playstyle. Furthermore, by using node points in one of three skill trees, you can sprinkle a touch of your personal playstyle on your perfect healer specialization.

In this unlimited, free-to-play game, you will complete quests and level up to unlock access to several simulations with bosses and other challenges that await. You can choose to team up with other players online to defeat the raid bosses. Note that while the game works offline, you cannot use the auction house, leaderboards, or engage in raids without an internet connection.
Mike Twomey
Release date
Jun 22, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

Am Distrus o Baza Secreta pe LowLife SMPBlu Minecraft
M-AM ALIAT CU DUSMANUL😮*e grav...*- LowLife SMPDanyBH_
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