Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue

Volcano Force
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Game overview

Build, craft, survive, and battle your way through natural and man-made obstacles with friends from all around the world in this unique multiplayer PVE/PVP game.

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You find yourself stranded on a strange island after miraculously surviving a plane crash. The only way you can stay alive is to forage for resources, craft tools and weapons, and build a safe haven in this treacherous place. You will face numerous challenges in the form of mutant zombies, militias, and wild creatures as well as natural landscapes that will test your survival instincts, such as fiery volcanoes and freezing glaciers. Your primary goal is to do whatever it takes to get back home, but first, you must become a skilled survivor.

One of the most exciting features of this game is its multiplayer aspect. You must team up with other players from around the world and gather the limited resources available. To stand a chance on this island, you must upgrade your character and experience the full range of what mother nature offers.

This game's unique island is unlike any other PVE game out there. You will explore natural sceneries like beaches, tropical rainforests, and swamps, while fighting your way through man-made obstacles such as an expedition ship from the 1980s, secret research labs, ancient underground ruins, and deadly abandoned temples. You will learn to craft different types of tools and weapons using materials you collect. Building your own unique camp is essential for your survival, and you can do so by building defensive and survival facilities like sensory and arrow towers, vegetable patches, and workbenches.

The game offers a choice between PVP and PVE, depending on your preferences. You can either fight or work with other players, whichever you find more suitable for your survival strategy. Going on exciting adventures is one of the highlights of this game, and the PVE and PVP elements are unmatched and create a unique gaming experience you won't find anywhere else.

Surviving on a deserted island is no easy feat, and you must learn to be strong, resourceful, and determined. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate survivor? Only time will tell if you can survive this island and find your way back home!
Volcano Force
Release date
Jun 09, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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