Lost Blade

Lost Blade

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Game overview

Lost Blade is a highly immersive martial arts-themed RPG.
As a mysterious hero harbouring the Heavenly Tome, you step into this chaos world. Five Major Sects fell into endless strife. Thornville struggles with enemies from both inside and out.
How to survive? How to conquer? How to triumph?The road is under our feet.
We are —
setting off.

◼ Battles in Dynamic Comic Panel Animations
Comic storyboards are complemented with dynamic animations to bring you exciting and fourth-wall-breaking fights with unique ink wash painting style.

◼ Free Exploration in the Wilderness
Explore Dungeon stories, trigger random events, and traverse deep into the mythic lands. Meet eccentrics, witness the vendettas, and unravel the secrets behind the Heavenly Tome.

◼ Multiple Fun and Engaging Gameplays
Visit the Tea House, Elemental Tower, Wraith Labyrinth; unlock Sect Trials, and challenge famous heroes. There are also other places to escort goods, gamble, and play dice.

◼ Wondrous World In the Heavenly Tome
The long-lost Heavenly Tome has resurfaced, triggering bloodshed and warfare among masters. Returning secretly, you are the owner of the Heavenly Tome. Safeguard justice? or, subvert orders...

◼ Tag Your Mates Along for Adventures
It's a long journey to venture through, but you are not alone. Create your own faction with friends to recruit the strongest heroes, and map out strategies to crush enemies into dust.

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Recommended System Requirements
Memory: 4 GB RAM and above
OS: Android 8.0 and above
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