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Immerse yourself in martial arts lore as you navigate the chaos of warring sects, explore a mythical world, and battle enemies in dynamic comic book style animations in Lost Blade RPG.

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Immerse yourself in a world of martial arts and adventure with Lost Blade, a captivating RPG. As a heroic figure enshrining the Heavenly Tome, you must navigate a world wrought with chaos. The Five Major Sects are mired in conflict, while Thornville is besieged by enemies from all sides. How will you survive? How will you conquer? The journey ahead requires courage and unwavering determination.

Experience dynamic and exciting battles through the game's unique comic panel animations. The use of ink wash painting style adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to the game's visual flair.

Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery within the vast wilderness. Unearth hidden Dungeon stories, encounter random events, and gain insight into the mythical lands that surround you. Meet eccentric characters, bear witness to vendettas, and unravel the secrets concealed deep within the Heavenly Tome.

Lost Blade offers a variety of exciting and diverse gameplay options. Visit various establishments such as the Tea House, Elemental Tower, and Wraith Labyrinth. Engage in Sect Trials and challenge renowned heroes. You can also escort goods, gamble and play dice to your heart's content.

The Heavenly Tome has been rediscovered, rupturing the peace among martial arts masters. As the keeper of this ancient tome, will you uphold justice or subvert the established order? The choice is ultimately yours.

Venture forth on your journey with friends by your side. Form your own faction and recruit formidable heroes to help you map out strategies and vanquish your enemies. Your companions will be critical to success in this arduous quest.

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To make the most out of this exciting journey, we recommend the following system requirements: memory of 4 GB RAM or more and Android 8.0 or above.
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