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In Loose Nozzles, rescue colonists with a rickety rocket in a challenging, child-like arcade game with simple two-button controls.

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Loose Nozzles is an engaging arcade game that revolves around the theme of flight and rescue. It is developed by an experienced game developer who created it for his young son, based on his artwork. The game features a fun, slapstick style that is sure to appeal to players of all ages.

The controls of Loose Nozzles are incredibly simple, with just two buttons required to pilot your rickety rocket. However, as you progress through the 25 levels of the game, you'll face increasing challenges and dangers. Every collision with an object in the game risks damaging your rocket, which can negatively impact your success and make the game much harder.

Your ultimate goal is to save endangered colonists by piloting your rocket successfully and flying precisely. You'll need to practice flying "smoothly" if you want to climb higher in the leaderboards. In this game, it is not just about flying fast, but also at close range, free of injury, and with utmost precision.

Loose Nozzles is free to play, but players can make a one-time purchase that unlocks unlimited lives, unique rocket upgrades, and skins that change the appearance and flying style of the rocket - offering even more challenges. These alternate play modes give players an opportunity to enjoy a greater challenge.

Loose Nozzles is a passion project from Foster and Family Games - a labor of love from the developers who created it. We hope that you love this hilarious and exciting arcade game.
Release date
Sep 11, 2022

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