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LOOPERS: A kinetic novel game by Key and Ryukishi07 with captivating illustrations by Kei Motizuki. Break the curse of an infinite time loop in 8 hours.

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Unravel the True Treasure - LOOPERS" is the latest Key kinetic novel released on May 28, 2021, and has now made its appearance on smartphones. Key, who established the crying game genre, has partnered with the horror master Ryuukishi07 since "Rewrite". They have also welcomed a rising star illustrator, Mochizuki Kei, who is known for their stylish designs and sense of color, to showcase a unique twist to Key's works.

The scenario is written by Ryuukishi07, while Mochizuki Kei is the illustrator. The music is composed by Orito Shinji, Donmaru, Hosoi Soshi, Shouyu, Tenkyuu Hisashi, and Sumi, and the singing is done by sana (sajou no hana). The planning and production are carried out by Key.

The protagonist, Taiga, who is a high school student, is enthusiastic about geohunting (GPS treasure hunting). One day during the summer vacation, while he and his friends are enjoying the game, they are drawn into an inexplicable experience. They are trapped in an endless loop, where the line between reality and illusion blurs, and their thoughts fall into madness. Tomorrow becomes today.

They meet young boys and girls who share the same fate, also known as "Loopers." Among them are the leader, Simon, and the enigmatic girl, Mia. They work together to break free from the never-ending prison, but...

"Loopers" is a kinetic novel that allows you to enjoy a pure story with dynamic direction, which reflects the theme "Experience great emotions in the palm of your hand." It provides a compact but condensed story.

In the default setting auto mode, the playing time for "Loopers" is roughly 8 hours.

For more information, visit the official website of "Loopers": https://key.visualarts.gr.jp/kinetic/loopers/
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Gameplay & Streams

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