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Lonely Survivor

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Game overview

Lonely Survivor: Adventure roguelike with endless enemy harvesting, skill upgrades, and battles. Collect EXP, gold, and equipment to win. One-finger play, 3D animation, and secret recipes for victory.

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Embark on a thrilling journey with Lonely Survivor, an adventure roguelike game. In this game, players engage in endless battles, enhancing their combat abilities while overcoming menacing enemies. Do you have what it takes to fend off waves of enemy legions and emerge victorious? Constantly collect the EXP and gold that your enemies drop as you upgrade your skills and equipment. Unlock new talents for your character and create your recipe for success.

Here are some key features of the game:

1. One-finger operation provides a seamless and straightforward experience.

2. Randomly selected skills allow you to make strategic choices based on your playstyle.

3. With dozens of stage maps to traverse, you'll face the combined attacks of minions and bosses. Do you have the courage to take on the challenge?

4. Release unstoppable skill combos to tackle challenging enemies with ease.

5. Search for supply treasure chests to acquire ability potions and increase your HP.

6. Enjoy a 3D realistic animation and a visually stunning experience.

Fight alone and emerge as the ultimate survivor in this brand new roguelike experience. The infinite firepower mode takes the intensity to the next level. Pay close attention to your HP bar, and seize treasure chests at the perfect moment to obtain special rewards. If you fail, you'll have to start over again - but that should only make you more determined to succeed. Download Lonely Survivor today and join the brave mage on an epic adventure!
Cobby Labs
Release date
Aug 05, 2022


kylefrom Skich app
Jacob31from Skich app
You watch ads by your choice, to get rewards. The levels are all the same but the enemies double their health, the chance to get a SSR armor piece is insanely low. Its full of hell...

Gameplay & Streams

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