Living in the Ending World

Living in the Ending World

Kumasystem, Inc.
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Game overview

Survive the inevitable death of the world in "Living in the Ending World". Explore ruins, establish a base, and make choices that determine your future.

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Surviving in a Decaying World" is a gripping text-based adventure game that puts players at the mercy of a crumbling world. With scant rations and limited resources, players must establish a base of operations and traverse the shattered remains of civilization to carve out a new life. The game requires a perfect balance of resource management skills, survival instinct, and intellect in an immersive and intriguing gameplay experience.

Throughout the game, players navigate intricate relationships between various elements that actively test their knowledge, intuition, and decision-making abilities. In a challenge that lasts between 5 and 6 hours to reach the "True Ending," players must use their ingenuity and problem-solving skills, as there are no level-ups nor save points.

The game's complex interplay of factors illustrates how critical choices in the game can affect the player's path with no apparent coincidence. Besides the central storyline, players can explore different options for endings, each with distinct rewards that motivate them to explore the game and its various sub-events further.

At the game's outset, players must make an ultimate choice whilst within a ship. Amidst nuclear missile warnings, players select among a backpack full of food, a tote bag of tools, a suitcase full of wallets, or game consoles. Each decision made has an impact on the player's future, and the game's storyline changes accordingly.

Exploration and resource management are aspects that make the game challenging and thrilling. As players navigate their surroundings, they must find food and materials necessary to survive. Random events may occur, resulting in either positive or negative outcomes that critically affect the players' pathways.

At the player's base, they can organize and manage their resources, including food stuff and junk materials. Exploring the ruins, much like exploring a new area, allows players to find unique and different items necessary for survival, and the events that occur will differ depending on the area that the players explore.

While the game emphasizes shared knowledge and experience with others, it can be played independently. "Surviving in a Decaying World" introduces players to an immersive in-game experience that showcases the importance of decision-making skills and individual resourcefulness. Are you up for it? Enjoy the thrilling adventure!
Kumasystem, Inc.
Release date
Jul 14, 2020

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