GamesLittle Witch Cat Kiki

Game overview

Help the witch decorate her home by fulfilling requests and crafting furniture while befriending cats in this charming game.

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Enhance the appearance of the whimsical abode of a sorceress by adding distinct furnishings and charming creatures!

1. Fulfill the needs of the locals! - Glean resources from the sea, woodland, and farmland in order to tend to the townspeople's requirements. Acquire experience as you complete these errands, which allows you to procure Mandrakes that can be fashioned into delightful furniture.

2. Provide assistance to the community! - The residents eagerly anticipate the witch's aid across the hamlet.

3. Revel in the company of your feline friends! - Through crafting furnishings, one can attain diverse characters. Channel your creativity by embellishing the witch's house with said characters.

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Release date
Jul 11, 2023
Single player