Little Panda: Dinosaur Care

Little Panda: Dinosaur Care

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Revive and help injured dinosaurs, observe their characteristics, build them a paradise in Little Panda's Rescue Team.

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Welcome to Little Panda's Rescue Team, where distress signals from different dinosaur planets constantly come in! What's causing trouble for these prehistoric creatures? It's time to jump on board our magical spaceship and investigate!

As you pilot the ship, feel the wind rushing through your hair and dive into the deep blue sea or soar high and observe the dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Get to know their characteristics and behaviors, and help improve their dinosaur files to better assist them!

With your help, the Tyrannosaurus Rex can rid itself of its painful teeth, and the injured Pteranodon can spread its wings and take flight again with the healing effects of slime worms. Wait! Another distress signal has come through, and there are more dinosaurs in need of rescue!

The revival of ancient dinosaur fossils found in forest, volcano, and glacier areas is now possible, and it is up to you to dig them up to bring them back to life! Careful, though - danger lurks around every corner.

You have successfully saved many dinosaurs, but now it's time to expand their lands to create a proper paradise. Unlock new plots of land, upgrade buildings and create an ideal living environment for your new prehistoric friends.

Join the Little Panda's Rescue Team now and befriend 16 different species of dinosaurs! Observe their behavior, build their home according to your style, and learn about the unique facts and daily life of these ancient creatures with the help of your included dinosaur cards! Transform into a cool mechanical dinosaur to carry out sensational rescue missions!

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Release date
Nov 12, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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