Little Corner Tea House

Little Corner Tea House

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Game overview

Run a tea house, plant tea, make drinks, listen to customer stories, play ordering games and decorate your home in this immersive simulation game.

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Enter the serene world of Little Corner Tea House, a delightful casual simulation game that provides a haven for visitors seeking respite from the fast-paced world. Take on the role of Hana, the gracious proprietor of the tea house, and serve up a range of delectable drinks while chatting with your customers.

As a part-time worker, Hana runs her quaint corner tea house independently. In Little Corner Tea House, you will help her grow raw materials, create unique dolls, decorate the shop, and serve a wide variety of drinks as you listen to the entertaining stories of the delightful array of customers. What tales and heartwarming experiences await you in the dynamic and bustling tea house? Find out by embarking on your own vibrant journey.

Game Features

Realistic Planting and Simulation
Experience the full cycle of planting that includes seeding, picking, drying, baking, and harvesting in this simulator game. Manage the tea house carefully and use the materials you grow to craft a range of delicious beverages that will delight your customers. Remembering your customers' preferred beverages is essential to staying ahead of the competition.

Entertaining Order Mode
Play engaging guessing games to determine customer preferences. For example, if a customer says, "Merry Clouds," what drink would you prepare? Perhaps one that has whipped cream. Discover a plethora of clues as these patrons come up with clever drink riddles you must solve to stay ahead.

Unlock Hundreds of Drinks
Explore over 200 different types of beverages from around the world, including spice tea, oolong tea, jam tea, and a range of coffee blends. Use your imagination and craft your unique signature drinks to surprise and satisfy your customers every time.

Immersive Gaming Experience
Little Corner Tea House is the ultimate retreat destination, featuring gentle and calming music, interesting customer stories, and engrossing illustrated tales that will transport you to another world. Let the game's tranquil ambiance help you relax and unwind.

Year-Round Theme Events
Make sure to participate in the 70+ exciting seasonal events featuring different themes such as Romantic Renaissance, Greek Roman Mythology, Steampunk City, and Amusement Park to acquire a wide range of resources that you can use in the shop.

DIY Your Own Dolls and Decorate Your Shop
In Little Corner Tea House, the sky's the limit when it comes to designing cute dolls that you can customize and the shop to give it a unique and personalized touch.

Plentiful Themed Adventures
Join your adorable dolls on their journeys filled with thrilling adventures and bountiful resources. Each journey includes its themed location, such as Memory Clod Garden Adventure (Autumn), Sunny Island Adventure (Spring), and Hana's Diary Adventure (Summer), allowing you to engage in diverse and unforgettable experiences.
Loongcheer Game
Release date
May 18, 2023
Single player

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