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Like a Boss

Versus Evil
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Become the ultimate raid boss and defend your territory against guilds of heroes in this action-packed RPG. Craft gear, level up and join a guild for the ultimate adventure.

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In the thrilling world of Heroes of MMORPGs, players take up arms to explore dungeons, embark on quests, and plunder the realm for treasures at any cost. It's high time for players to transform themselves into the Boss of their territories tinged with the fantasy element of MMORPGs- holding treasure troves that attract marauding guilds of heroes.

In this action-packed role-playing game world, the ultimate objective for players is to repel attacking guilds and protect their coveted treasure. Also, they must rescue other mini-bosses from adventurer raids and even obliterate the quest givers in their towns so that they stop sending more heroes to raid their territory, and establish a reign of terror!

Choose your desired boss from various races, classes like fighter, mage, and ranger, and progressively level up through a skill tree. Quest throughout the realm and complete the challenges to become the invincible and supreme Boss of your land.

Players can craft their gear by collecting gems, minerals, and other required materials, as in any RPG. The creation of the most powerful weapons and armor is the key to your success.

The game comes packed with real-time, fast-paced role-playing action, and players can witness MMORPG heroes using tactics that they have seen in many battles. Tanks are up-front, healers are in the back, and supporting classes unleash their attacks as strategically sound as it could be.

Gather other Bosses and join a Guild to combat warrior groups seeking glory and adventure. It is no longer a solo mission, and only a well-coordinated team effort enables the pursuit of quests across the realm.

The Like a Boss game offers an engrossing game world and an exciting MMORPG experience like never before. Connect with Like a Boss on Facebook, Twitter, or Discord Channel and join the community today. Happy Adventuring!
Versus Evil
Release date
Dec 11, 2017
Single player

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