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LifeAfter Season 5 unleashes the Powers of Mutation: a forbidden city at sea with new threats, powers, and infected species; do you have what it takes to survive?

LifeAfter Season 5: Powers of Mutation is now available for playing! A whole new species of infected has emerged and threatens the world of LifeAfter. By utilizing the power of the Source, players can enhance their gear and fight against the infected species. The balance of power is shifting as players venture into this forbidden city floating at sea. -An Expanded Open World- The frontiers of the Doomsday World continue to expand. Players can now explore five mutated seas, each with its unique characteristic- crystal, fog, filth, fire, and vortex. These uncharted and dangerous territories await daring players. The world of LifeAfter is colossal with different environments that players can scavenge for resources, construct infrastructure, defend against zombie attacks, and erect their own shelter. -Never Lose Hope- The world has been taken over by zombies, which has led to the collapse of society leaving everything unfamiliar. With zombies prowling human settlements and the lack of resources and harsh climate, survival is a daunting task. In the doomsday seas, players encounter more dangerous new Infected along with mutant creatures that can easily destroy boats. With danger lurking from every corner, players must keep their wits about them and continue living by all means necessary! -Survival Goes Better with Friends- While exploring the Doomsday World, players can encounter other Survivors. Traveling alone in a world of crying zombies and howling winds can be tiresome, that's why players can team up to make the journey more comfortable. Making friends, breaking bread, creating a peaceful shelter together, and talking all night is what players can experience in LifeAfter. -Half-Zombie Survival- The organization Dawn Break believes that there is still a chance for humans after being bitten by a zombie. To live as a "Revenant" and escape the human identity, physical appearance, and abilities forever. Is it worth the risk? Players must choose how they want to survive.
NetEase Games
Release date
Dec 17, 2018
Single player



Сложная и очень многфунциональная игра , такое чувство будто позработчики годами работали над контентом

 from Skich app


Skich UserSkich Userfrom Skich app

Мне понравилось

Vladoskacos2Vladoskacos2from Skich app

Great game to play with friends

Ajani ThompsonAjani Thompsonfrom Skich app

Игра очень интересная, но идёт ток на хорошие телефоны:(

 MAX MAXfrom Skich app

perfect game play, poor gamr server and a pinch of p2w

RgiiRgiifrom Skich app

Gameplay & Streams

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NetEase Games
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