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Letter quiz • Alphabet School & ABC Games 4 Kids

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Dive into the ocean to learn letters and alphabet. The app includes 9 activities, such as flashcards, jumbled alphabet, and letter tracing.

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Letters and Alphabet Adventure is an educational application developed by 22learn, an award-winning education studio and the maker of the top-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in collaboration with experts in education. This game allows children to explore the underwater world as they learn letters and the alphabet. The app includes nine fun games that immerse children in adorable sharks and jellyfish; they also facilitate recognition of letters, word association with their initial letters, and alphabetical order.

The app boasts of a lively and colorful interface that works well for children yet does not detract from learning. There are seven games with varying skill levels to assist your kids' learning at different stages:

Flash Cards. With four different flashcards to choose from, children can learn uppercase letters, lowercase letters, or match written and graphic letters. Flashcards are ideal, especially when children are learning the letters. But they may also be useful for self-testing one's knowledge after achieving mastery of the material.

Alphabet Song. This feature helps kids learn the alphabet by singing along while the letters in the song are highlighted. Once the song ends, children can play around with the letters.

Jumbled Alphabet. To practice the alphabetical order, the Jumbled Alphabet allows children to fill in the gaps by dragging letters to their correct place. A choice of easy, medium, or challenge levels is available based on the child's proficiency.

Letter Quiz. Another game helps the children to recognize letters by making them tap on the letter spoken.

Matching: A—Apple. Matching: A—Apple aims to teach children the beginning letters of words. They will drag the letter next to the picture that depicts a word beginning with that letter.

Connect the Dots. Children tap on the letters in the alphabetical order to trace and subsequently reveal a picture cast ashore.

Matching: A—a. This game is about matching lowercase letters with the respective uppercase letters. The fish moms have lost their babies, and the child must connect the fish with lowercase letters to the fish with corresponding uppercase letters.

Tracing uppercase letters. The game has Tracy, who makes tracing letters fun with animations and sounds. Children can develop writing skills as they learn to write uppercase letters.

Tracing lowercase letters. In this game, children drag a cute animated Tracy character's lowercase letters to trace letters. The objective is to learn to write lowercase letters.

All nine games come together to provide a range of educational activities that challenge children and broaden their minds. This fantastic app will be your children’s favorite.
22learn, LLC
Release date
Mar 02, 2013

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