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Lemuria - Rise of the Delca

Game overview

Rally an elite team, venture into Lemuria, and restore peace. Enjoy real-time battles, gather heroes, perfect equipment, and conquer all.

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Lemuria, once a mysterious continent, is engulfed in darkness and war. As the fabled savior of this lost civilization, your quest is to journey into a mysterious world, face formidable foes, and bring peace back to the land. Gather a team of elite heroes and begin a legendary journey that will go down in history!

Explore the vast world map of Lemuria, filled with endless stories and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From treacherous dungeons to intricate puzzles, your journey takes you on a linear path through these challenges, leading to the final spark of hope. Will you be the one to weave together the epic saga and restore peace to the land?

Real-time battles are the ultimate test of your skills, requiring strategic team formations and the ability to unleash ultimate abilities. Over 30 challenging bosses are entrenched across Lemuria, waiting to be defeated by the first person to seize the opportunity. Will you be that person and earn a place on the Pioneer Monument?

With 12 powerful Hero Races and hundreds of cards at your disposal, you have the power to assemble the ultimate team and customize your own dream troops. Use the different sources of power - Nomimos, Chaodis, Avyssos, and Theios - to create the perfectly balanced lineup. Even the most unbeatable BOSS won't stand a chance against your unstoppable team!

Test your luck by PERFECTing the hundreds of equipment available in the game, each with unique Perfection stats. Pursue the ultimate ancient Artifacts, which offer their own unique skills to implement different battle styles. Devise the best combination to maximize the power of each Artifact and become invincible!

Take your skills to the global Arena and battle against real players worldwide. Climbing the leaderboard and claiming the CHAMPION throne requires skill, strategy, and strength. Face off against like-minded comrades to take on challenges and power up by constructing Guild Tech. The uncharted Outlands await you and your guildmates to explore and conquer!

Respected chosen one, the time is now to build your own legend and bring peace back to Lemuria. Come venture into the unknown and beyond, and ignite the final spark of hope in this epic journey!
Release date
Aug 31, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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