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Legend of Keepers

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Game overview

Lead the Dungeons Company as a dungeon manager, hire monsters and build traps to protect your treasures from heroes. Diversify your management styles!

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Get this premium game at a discounted 30% launch price! Legend of Keepers is a game that does not have micro-transactions but is going to have big content DLCs in the future. Ever had the aspiration of becoming the antagonistic character of the story? Well, this game offers you an opportunity to do just that. Take up the challenge and become the new Boss of Dungeons Company and save their treasures!

Legend of Keepers is a blend of roguelite and dungeon management where you play the role of a dungeon administrator responsible for recruiting monster employees and setting up traps to ward off the greedy heroes who are after your treasure. Experience the various challenges that come with managing a fantasy workspace simulation like handling leaves of absence, strikes, and managing your team to erect the most impregnable dungeon.

Ascend the corporate ladder by optimizing your management techniques and becoming the most dreadful boss in dungeon history in this reverse-Darkest Dungeon. The game features:
- A chance to play as the villain by using your strategy to pay the heroes back
- Navigate corporate life trials by mix-and-matching your squad of merciless employees to stay ahead of the dungeon business
- Excellent graphics that add charm to the game by showcasing well-crafted animations of your enemies dying.
- Resource budgeting, where you must carefully spend your gold, blood, tears, and morale to build and maintain the dungeon
- Diversified management styles where you can play as three different dungeon masters, each with unique abilities and hires, through different campaigns.

Additionally, the game has been carefully redesigned for mobile, which includes:
- An overhauled interface
- Game Center achievements
- Compatibility with MFicontrollers
- No micro-transactions!
Release date
May 23, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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Wir machen Ernst: höchster Schwierigkeitsgrad | Legend of KeepersHandOfUncut
Legend of Keepers - Evil Overlord Dungeon Defense RoguelikeSplattercatgaming
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