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Flail Upwards" challenges players to creatively navigate physics-based obstacles with a floppy ragdoll character to complete tasks. With 300 levels and dozens of locations, it's endlessly fun.

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Introducing FLAIL UPWARDS, a game that challenges you to slide, stumble, flip and flail your way through numerous levels in a physics-based puzzle game while keeping your character from constantly falling flat. The game is hyper-casual and hyper-entertaining, and it requires quick thinking and a firm grasp of the laws of physics to get through even the simplest of tasks.

The game is designed with over 300 levels and 20 different obstacle types, making it endlessly entertaining and action-packed. From basic household chores to amazing feats of floppy athleticism, you'll have to use your logical thinking, scientific understanding and visual perception skills to guide your floppy ragdoll through each fiendish obstacle course to reach the level goal.

One of the excellent things about Lazy Jump is that the puzzles and mechanics conform firmly to the real laws of physics. The graphics are crazily cute, featuring bouncy and joyful music. With dozens of different locations, you'll never be bored of just lolling around, making it one of the most addictive and ingenious games you'll ever play on your mobile phone.

The game features a huge range of different puzzle types, and although the characters in Lazy Jump may be frustratingly ungainly, they're incredibly cute. With satisfying sound effects, the game provides a fun, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere to chill and spend time.

In a nutshell, Lazy Jump is a game that combines serious logic puzzles with adorable graphics, crazily inventive challenges, and an outlandish atmosphere of fun. Download it now and get flailing and flopping to win. Remember, the only rule in this game is to never give up. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found at and
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Release date
Jul 27, 2022

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