GamesLast Wave TD: Tactical Game

Game overview

Survive and lead a tower defense against waves of zombies in Las Vegas in the Last Wave TD with intricate levels, weapon options, and 3D graphics.

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In the midst of yet another violent conflict, a brutal apocalypse has occurred once again! The remaining inhabitants of a neon city, located in Las Vegas, have valiantly taken a stand against the countless waves of horrific undead creatures. Will you lead them to victory, one day at a time?

The Last Wave TD sets itself apart from other zombie tower defense games due to an elaborate range of features such as:

- Fighting your way through a vast array of intricate levels
- Strategizing carefully for optimal placement of tower defenses
- Choosing from an extensive selection of weapons consisting of guns, lasers, tesla coils and flamethrowers
- Selling, upgrading and buying various guns, lasers, tesla coils and flamethrowers
- Conquering 4 types of repulsively mutated zombies
- Unlocking knowledge about their unique resistances
- Defeating 15 supremely powerful zombie bosses
- Forcing all undead creatures to retreat to their origins!
- Causing widespread chaos, destruction and bedlam along the way!
- Holding on to dear life for just one more day!

All of these features are showcased in the game's graphics, which are considered some of the best 3D graphics available on a mobile device.
Release date
Jun 13, 2021
Single player