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Survive the zombie apocalypse, craft, build, modify weapons, raise pets, and explore the world in Last Day on Earth!

In Last Day on Earth, you are thrown into a post-apocalyptic world where the thrill of survival becomes a reality. This survival shooter game is full of horror and adrenaline as you navigate through a harsh environment, where your biggest enemies are bloodthirsty hordes of zombies. From the get-go, you must create a character and start exploring the world around you while staying alert for danger. You'll find plenty of resources scattered all around the map, including dangerous locations with varying hazard levels. Use these materials to build your shelter, fashion new weapons, craft your clothes, and even construct an all-terrain vehicle. As you progress through the game, your level grows and you'll receive access to useful recipes and blueprints that will enhance your gameplay experience. Build stronger walls for your home, improvise new skills and weapon mods, and enjoy all that Last Day on Earth has to offer. In this bleak world, pets may be the only sources of love and affection you'll find. Adopt huskies and shepherd dogs that will accompany you on raids and help you with looting in challenging areas. For the adventurous at heart, assemble a speedy Chopper, ATV, or motorboat and explore far-off locations. Sometimes, that's where the rarest resources reside – and in exchange for completing challenging quests and complex blueprints, you'll be given access to these treasures. Whether you're interested in cooperative or PvP play, the crater city is waiting for you. Join clans, play with other people, and experience true unity as you fight for survival. When it comes to weaponry, Last Day on Earth delivers. Choose anything from bats to miniguns, M16s to AK-47s, Mortar, C4, and many other devastatingly powerful weapons. Take down your enemies mercilessly with your upgraded arsenal, and always be prepared to use force or flee when necessary. As you explore locations such as the Forests, Police Station, Spooky Farm, Port or Bunkers, come across a variety of zombies, raiders, and other characters. You are now a survivor. Regardless of your past, welcome to this cruel new world. Test your survival skills against bloodthirsty zombies and uncover all the hidden treasures that await you in Last Day on Earth.
Release date
May 24, 2017
Single player



Wla ko kabalo

snow_martinezsnow_martinezfrom Skich app

Fun to pass the time since everything has a timer Want to smelt 20 iron? Wait 1 hour for it to be done Want to cook food? Yep gotta wait The game would be better without this waiting system And unfortunately this game is somewhat pay to win thanks to the battle pass One item that would take 2 months to get could easily be obtained by paying for the battle pass

heujin_koujinheujin_koujinfrom Skich app

Gameplay & Streams

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