Last Bastion

Last Bastion

Sarper Soher
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Game overview

Defend the Last Bastion against Demon Iacobus and his evil minions. Use ballistae and magic-enhanced bolts in 11 chapters with intuitive touch controls. No ads or mandatory in-app purchases.

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Last Bastion is the sole safe haven amidst the invasion of Demon Iacobus, and you are the only hope of defense against the impending dark forces. The danger is imminent, and the castle is in peril of an evil dust cloud moving in from the horizon. The dwarf warrior stands alone, ready to vanquish this madness. Victory against the army of the brainwashed and the undead, and the ultimate showdown with Demon Iacobus lies in your hands.

Race through 11 chapters of the game's story, where you will fight germophobic goblins, fire-breathing spiders, diffident archers, forgetful wizards, and masochistic skeletons. Your enemies come at you in different formations, and you must unleash your arsenal of ballistae and magical bolts to stop them. You can browse through and purchase equipment during the battle. As you experiment with different weapons, you can come up with your own winning strategy.

The game offers smooth controls that have undergone endless iterations to provide the best gameplay. Even though the game has an option for grinding, it's not a tedious task to meet the game's requirements. Replay the chapters to put money in your coffers and improve your weapons to increase your destructive and defensive abilities. You also get rewards for successfully completing chapters one after another with the Chapter Streak Prize Wheel.

The game offers an Endless mode, where you can sell all the rules and fight with unlimited power. You can also climb up the leaderboard to become the game's #1 defender. The game has several achievements, including hidden ones that you can unlock.

The game features paid, ad-free gameplay, and in-app purchases are optional only. If you have any feedback, questions, or comments, you can reach out to the developers through the contact form on their website. Your feedback will be used to make improvements to the game, which will make them happy.
Sarper Soher
Release date
Nov 13, 2021

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