Last Arrows

Game overview

Experience skill-based archery action in this award-winning game. Deploy strategies to clear Story Mode and survive amassing hordes in Survival Mode.

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- Ranked amongst the top 10 games in Google Indie Game Festival 2018
- Recognized as the 2018 Quality Game of the Month Award recipient by 4th Indie Game Awards
- Acknowledged by the Global Indie Game Development Fair in 2017 for its excellence

- If you are fatigued with incremental and collectible games, then it's time to try out this game that requires skill!
- Experience new heights of archery gameplay with satisfying prediction shots and juicy headshots

[ This game revolutionizes the way we experience archery games! ]
- Clear the Story Mode by utilizing your strategies and landing deadly prediction shots
- In Survival Mode, shoot to survive as the horde of monsters grows exponentially
- Experience the excitement of Duel Mode
- With Penetration, Arc Shot, Multi Shots, and Focus skills at your disposal, boredom is not an option!
- Capture and relive your stunning plays using the Replay feature!

[ Plot ]

- Following the crash of the black meteor, a horde of monsters have launched a surprise attack.
- As one of the lucky survivors, you must use your wit to return safely to your loving family, with very few arrows left.
- Use your remaining arrows intelligently to return home!
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