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Laser Mazer

Mighty Coconut
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Game overview

Move your body to dodge lasers in Laser Mazer, the AR puzzle game that won the Jury Prix at IndieCade Europe.

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As the proud winner of Jury Prix at IndieCade Europe, Laser Mazer is the ultimate AR puzzle game that will certainly challenge your skills and reflexes. With the objective to surpass deadly lasers, you will need to walk, dodge, crouch, or even dance to reach your goal.

This epic game is based on real-world movement, making it necessary to have a spacious, obstacle-free area to play. However, you can still enjoy the game indoors by using the lock button to restrict movement.

With 40 progressively challenging levels, Laser Mazer offers an engaging experience that will put your mind and reflexes to the test. Additionally, 12 new "Survival Modes" have recently been added to the game, providing an extra platform to display your expertise.

Prepare to experience a unique and captivating game filled with action, challenges, and adventure like never before. Your journey to surpassing Laser Mazer's obstacles and puzzles will be a worthwhile experience. Get your game on and show off your skills.
Mighty Coconut
Release date
May 09, 2018


uper Gamer 22
uper Gamer 22from Skich app
I wish I Could do a 10 out of 10✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻...

Gameplay & Streams

Laser Mazer AR/VR - Lock MechanicMighty Coconut
Laser Mazer - Survival Mode #1 - Strafin' AliveMighty Coconut
Laser Mazer - New Level PreviewsMighty Coconut
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