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Discover Laplace M, the new open-world romance adventure mobile game set in a magical medieval world. Play with friends, collect pets, customize avatars, and more!

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Embark on a heartwarming adventure in Laplace M, the newly launched open world mobile game. Claim exclusive rewards by logging in now and team up with your friends in this fantastical medieval setting based on magic. The game's brilliant BGM is produced by the renowned Motoi Sakuraba who has worked on some of the most beloved console games.

Get ready for a romantic and thrilling experience as you immerse yourself in the world of Laplace, where disaster looms and you may be the chosen one. Choose from several different classes such as warrior, mage, cleric, and assassin to protect your friends with a holy shield and take down the devil to seize rare equipment. Form new friendships and go on enchanting adventures in a world filled with love.

Summon cute magical pets to help you in your Duel Card Game by using Soul Cards that you can insert into your equipment. The pets are your secret weapon and will help you transform and activate the cards' effects to aid you in battle.

Create your family in Laplace M and make new friends along the way. You can go on romantic dates with your beloved, hold hands and even get married in this wondrous world. Engage in agriculture, feed the poultry, cook delicious food, own luxurious mansions, invite your friends over, build houses, and sell homemade delicacies to visitors. Stay connected with your friends by chatting with them using the in-game voice chat and use the photo system to share your thoughts, exchange gifts, leave comments and express your appreciation for others' posts.

The rich avatar system will enable you to customize the appearance of your character according to your liking. Choose from an array of decorative items like headdresses, back adornments, clothes and weapons to create your own unique style and become a fashion maven! The collection includes various outfits like Lolita dresses, female school uniforms, maid suits, school uniforms and cute accessories like animal ears and panties.

For an enhanced gaming experience, Laplace M requires access to Recording and Camera permissions. This will allow you to scan codes, use the in-game voice function, and will not be employed for any purpose other than in-game activities. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates by following them on Facebook or accessing their website. For support, contact Join the magical world of Laplace M today!
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