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Land Air Sea Warfare HD

Land Air Sea Warfare HD

Game overview

Command mega units to dominate in strategic warfare! Build units and technologies across varied landscapes. LASW HD is available on iPad and desktop PCs.

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Take charge of massive mega units and emerge victorious in an epic battle. Lead an army of thousands of units in strategic warfare with Land Air Sea Warfare HD now accessible on iPad.

This game provides a genuine console-like RTS experience complete with brilliantly executed, easy-to-use touch screen controls according to Touch Arcade. AppModo describes it as fun, challenging, and awesome all rolled into one game. Meanwhile, iPhone Life Magazine says that it is the SimCity of strategy war games and encourages people to download it.

Dominate the battlefield in this real-time strategy game! Build a solid defense with turrets, surface-to-air missile launchers, torpedo launchers, and long-range cannons. Construct factories to produce armies of vehicles, aircraft, and ships that you can deploy in battle. Gather groups and transport your soldiers to prepare for an attack on the enemy. Execute your strategic battle plan and enjoy the breathtaking carnage that ensues. With distinct explosions, debris, sound effects, and animations for each unit, the devastation is as magnificent as it is deadly. Unveil and collect unique resources to create colossal mega units that can instantly alter the course of the war!

As the commander of an immense war campaign, you can navigate stealth aircraft and submarines on reconnaissance missions, airlift units into the battle with helicopters, track the enemy's tank tread marks to their base, and ambush them under trees. You can expand your city, choosing from over a hundred structures and units. As your empire develops, you can research technologies that will focus your strategy. Dominate all types of terrain, bomb enemy camps with aircraft to weaken their infrastructure, rule the waters with a navy fleet consisting of ships and submarines, and transport units into the battle to successfully complete missions. You can even fabricate and launch game-changing weapons such as ICBMs.

LASW incorporates a random map system that ensures that each game is unique, as well as several settings and victory types to personalize the game and provide new challenges. If you're a fan of Command and Conquer Red Alert, War Commander, Valor, The Settlers, Starfront Collision, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Warcraft, Warfare Incorporated, Total Annihilation, and Supreme Commander, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this RTS game!

Other RTS games have utilized a squad system similar to this one, but few have executed it as well according to Pocket Gamer. If you’re already a huge fan of RTS, don’t miss this excellent single-player RTS game, as suggested by Touch Arcade.


* A new, touch optimized interface that enables you to quickly build units, create groups, and manage your war machine
* Over 100 various units and technologies to build
* Command six new, massive mega units
* Over 40 terrains to fight battles on
* Over 250 voices for units
* Supports iPod music playback
* Play against the AI, featuring multiple attack modes and strategies
* Navigate stealth fighter aircraft and submarines
* Utilize laser and electric shock weapons
* Create defensive shields, walls, and radar systems
* Six victories types such as Team Traitors, Arms Race, and The Mega Project
* Command transport carriers to move vehicles and ships quickly
* Play on randomized maps for unlimited gameplay

In addition, it is available for desktop PCs.
Isotope 244
Release date
May 07, 2010

Gameplay & Streams

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