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Lamar: Idle Vlogger

Game overview

Become Lamar the idle vlogger to achieve success and move out of the slums. Tap, record, and upload to become a top life streamer and billionaire.

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In this casual singleplayer life simulator game, follow the journey of Lamar, a struggling blogger who lives in a dilapidated city, drives a rusty old car, and cannot even afford a decent meal. However, he is determined to make it big as a vlogger and become the richest and most famous tuber in the world. The game lets you take charge of Lamar’s life, where you try to earn money by recording videos and uploading them online.

Your first objective is to record videos using your friend’s phone, which you borrowed since you could not get a loan for a new phone. If you do well, you might even be able to buy a new phone and new clothes. Because your car is barely functional, you need to decide whether to scrap it or take it to the auto repair shop. You hope that someday you will have enough money to fix your house, which has cracks in the walls that let the wind in. In the meantime, you need to take out the trash and move away from the nearby factory.

As you progress, you can click and tap to make more money and move to a big city. This allows you to develop your own business and move up in the world. You can balance work and pleasure by partying hard while building your career. The game merges a cool business clicker genre with a life sim, letting you create your own inc business and become a successful vlogger.

If you fail to upgrade Lamar and make your videos go viral, then he may have to go back to working on his uncle’s ranch, mining at a coal pit, or settling as a park entrance security. To avoid this, you need to build your own tap empire like a real capitalist. Check out Lamar’s adventure and witness his social evolution in this engaging life sim business clicker game.
Release date
Oct 02, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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