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Game overview

Hack and slash through automatically-generated dungeons, battle powerful monsters and bosses,<br>find rare equipment, upgrade skills, and solve the curse in this pixel-art action RPG Labyrinth Legend.

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Labyrinth Legend is an RPG with elements of action and hack-and-slash where you can explore dungeons randomly generated.
Gather mighty equipment, battle against strong, mysterious beasts, and level-up to proceed.

・Encounter powerful foes
While exploring the dungeon, beware of the perilous monsters that lurk within.
To continue, players must level up, as acquiring equipment alone won't suffice.

・Enormous bosses
Deep within the dungeons are large bosses lying in wait.
It may take more than just one attempt to take down these monsters.
By observing their movements throughout multiple battles, you can find their weak spot and win.

・Procedurally-generated dungeons
On every adventure, the game generates new dungeons.
It is impossible to predict which dangers or treasures lie before you, so be prepared to face the unexpected.

・Equipment and items for character enhancement
During dungeon exploration, you can collect multiple items and equipment to enhance your character.
Exclusive skills may come with rare equipment, making them even more priceless.

・Upgrades available at your base
You can upgrade weapons, unlock new skills, and develop accessories with special abilities.
All of these enhancements can be obtained at the village, which is your base of operations.

・An enchanted kingdom
The queen has cursed the kingdom, and you cannot escape from its center of the kingdom.
If you cleanse the dungeon and solve the curse mystery, you'll have a chance to lift it.

・Pixel art universe
The pixel-art style gives the universe of this game a nostalgic feeling.

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Release date
Sep 22, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

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