Labarynth of Legendary Loot

Labarynth of Legendary Loot

Dominaxis Games
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Game overview

Descend into a randomly generated, turn-based dungeon crawler, collecting unique loot that enhances tactical turn-based combat. Choose weapons, and magic to defeat enemies.

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Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with Labyrinth of Legendary Loot ā€“ an exciting turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler that is available for free on PC, Mac, and Linux! With its focus on tactical combat, every room in this game is a challenging puzzle, requiring you to think carefully about the best approach to defeat enemies and avoid taking damage.

Playing as a daring adventurer who enters the Labyrinth with nothing but a dull sword, it is up to you to explore this dangerous maze and uncover valuable loot that will grant you unique abilities. With each item you find, you'll have new opportunities to strengthen your slaying power and discover even more treasures.

Your abilities in the game are completely based on the items you've equipped, making it essential to choose your equipment wisely. You can either be an axe-wielding berserker, a spell-casting wizard, or anything in between, and you can switch up your gear and style at any time during your run, allowing for endless customization.

With sessions lasting only an hour or two, it's perfect for quick, exciting gameplay sessions. The game mechanics are easy to learn, with just three basic stats to keep track of: health, mana, and attack damage. Plus, attacks never miss, and the enemy patterns are predictable, allowing you to focus on perfecting your strategies.

What's more, with over a hundred unique items and abilities, plus more than fifty modifiers for each item and a unique legendary modifier for every item, Labyrinth of Legendary Loot offers tremendous replayability. Add to that the randomly generated dungeons, and no two playthroughs are the same!

Take on the challenge of descending to the deepest levels of the labyrinth and defeating the hideous demon lord to claim victory in Labyrinth of Legendary Loot. However, please note that the game doesn't currently work on Google Pixel 4.
Dominaxis Games
Release date
Nov 18, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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