Kostyantyn Stankevych
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Create creatures and objects using 3D pixels in 96 challenging puzzles across 12 levels in Kubiko. Improve perception and concentration in this unique gameplay.

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Introducing the latest offering from the developers of the mesmerizing motion-based game, Blueprint 3D, and the numerical puzzle game, Numerity! Are you ready for an immersive experience in a three-dimensional world? Embark on an adventure in the cubic universe of Kubiko, discovering the depths of your imagination and creativity by constructing fascinating creatures and objects using three-dimensional pixels. The game boasts 96 stimulating puzzles that are divided into 12 distinct level packs, all of which will test your spatial reasoning skills. Share your amazing creations with your friends, and enjoy the thrills of the game at the same time!

Exciting Features:

- Unconventional and unparalleled gameplay.

- The game features a generous collection of 96 fascinations in 12 diverse themed packs, with additional levels coming in the future.

- The aesthetics are visually appealing with sleek and lucid designs.

- The game effectively sharpens your concentration and spatial analysis proficiencies.

- The cloud sync feature enables you to seamlessly switch through your multiple devices.

- Achieve your gaming goals and objective with accomplishments and high scores.
Kostyantyn Stankevych
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