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The new Krunker app offers a complete mobile experience with high FPS gameplay, personalized controls customization, and access to all Krunker features. Fight real players on user-created maps.

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Enter the all-new Krunker app, rebuilt from scratch, meant to bring you an immersive gaming experience on your mobile device. Enjoy an excellent gameplay experience with unusually high FPS, up to 144, and the ability to customize your controls exactly how you prefer them with the unique draggable layout editor and precise sliders. You can shop, review statistics, and even buy KR, and all that even while being away from the game, and the best part is that you'll save on your battery life. The Krunker app allows for a personalized Krunker experience, mixing the perfect companion app for PC gamers with the ultimate way to play Krunker on mobile devices.

Enter the world of cross-platform fast-paced FPS battle simulations, where you are offered an authentic challenge. Get rid of the monotony of FPS games with bots and indulge in various battles with real players on different platforms like Mac, PC, Chromebook, or mobile devices. There are no bots in the game, and the limitless gameplay variety is offered through 100,000+ user-created custom maps. The game boasts several popular modes such as Free For All, Infected Zombies Mode, Parkour Mode, among the many available.

Perfect your ultimate controls customization with the Krunker app. With the power of a draggable button editor and sliders to help you control your layout precisely, you have an extensive array of options at your fingertips. The app saves your preferences automatically, but you can always access or share your preferred setting with your friends by using copy/paste.

The Krunker app offers you the complete Krunker Hub Experience, allowing you access to 100% of the functionality of the Krunker Hub App and the Krunker Client app. Mitigate battery drain while utilizing the Gmae by the app's home screen, market, and shop. Get your free KR hourly's browse the Krunker social mode and see where you rank in the Krunker leaderboards. Use the Refresh (F5) button, trade, buy and sell in the Krunker market, purchase KR and spins, access your profile and inbox, and play Krunker mobile in full screen with the slide-up drawer that grants you access to the 'new game' button. Customize your button layout with a draggable layout editor and make fine-tuned adjustments using sliders.

Krunker Season 5 is bigger and better than ever with an expansive set of new items. Enjoy the new Raid Event: Tortuga, featuring over 500 new Weapon Skins, 100+ new Hats, and over 150 other new items. The new item type, Collectible, allows you to dissolve your unused skins and earn Junk. Junk and Materials spawn around every pub map, and if you need more, visit Shop: Junkyard to craft unique skins and items. Blackmarket skins are also available, and the masteries for all primary weapons now feature in Blackmarket.
Release date
Aug 03, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

INSANE High Kill Gameplay (40+ Kills)undercoverdudes
I am the best ranked pro player.undercoverdudes With Voice Chat (INSANE GAMEPLAY!)konixo
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