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Krosmaga: a divine card game where players control gods, creatures, and heroes from the Krosmoz universe in epic PVP battles.

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Enter a thrilling world of divine battles with Krosmaga - an exciting online trading card game where you can challenge opponents and play as one of the Twelve Gods of the Krosmoz universe. This game is perfect for those who want to experience the thrill of strategy games, while also enjoying the excitement of a tower defense game, all while facing divine stakes that are higher than ever before.

With hundreds of available cards in the game that you can win, craft or purchase, you must continuously expand your deck to dominate your rivals. The cards in Krosmaga come from various places in the Krosmoz universe, including books, animated series, and games, such as DOFUS: Book I - Julith. As a player, you can wield the power of the gods' premade decks or rely on your own tactics and strategies to become the master of the battlefield. The game is designed to test your skills and put your powers to the test, making every match unique and exciting.

Playing this game is not just simple, but also an epic experience. As you unleash your power on the battlefield, you can call on all the heroes of Dofus and Wakfu to battle against each other, making the game truly unpredictable. Whether you want to challenge your friends or other players from around the world, there can only be one god in this ruthless PVP battle.

In addition to competitive PVP battles, there are superhuman challenges that await you in the single-player mode. This will keep you interested in the game and ensure that the adventure continues to thrill you. You can also take your cards with you wherever you go, as your card collection is linked to your Ankama account. So, you can switch from your computer to your tablet with ease. You can even have the physical version of the cards and board to engage in the exciting battles on your family room table.

In summary, Krosmaga is an exciting game of skill that offers players an experience of epic proportions. As the gods battle it out, it is up to you to emerge victorious and become the one and only god. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enter the divine world of Krosmaga - follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and visit their official website for more information.
Release date
Feb 22, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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