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Game overview

Flower name guessing game with increasing difficulty and informative details for each plant. Swipe images and drag correct name to test memory and knowledge.

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Experience the beauty of flowers and expand your knowledge of plant names with the fun and educational game, Gotgil. In this game, you'll be shown three images of different flowers and presented with five possible names at the bottom. Your task is to choose the correct name and drag it into the blank space. The game will let you know if your answer is correct or incorrect. If you get five questions wrong, the game will end, and you'll see a thumbnail of all your incorrect answers. But don't worry, you can click on any of the incorrect answers to learn more about the plant and read detailed information on it.

To make your plant education journey even more fun, you can swipe left and right through the images to examine them one by one. You can also adjust the volume of the sound and change the way the questions are presented in bloom order or random order by pressing the cogwheel in the upper right of the start screen. The game will also prioritize presenting the name of the flower from the same family at the bottom to build your basic knowledge about plant classification.

If you click and delete the x mark in the upper right corner, a new screen will appear, and you can choose to continue playing or return to the beginning in your desired way. You can repeat the erasing process three times, and an ad may appear, but you can delete it and continue playing.

Repeat your learning process to memorize the plant names and expand your knowledge of flowers. Furthermore, if you solve the question without getting wrong, the speed of the test will gradually increase, helping you develop your quickness. The game is developed by Park Seung-Chun, who has written about plants, including "Korean Primrose" and "Comparison of 100 and 700 Kinds of Korean Trees." If you want to keep up with Park Seung-Chun, you can contact him through his email, Facebook, or blog.
Release date
Dec 19, 2022


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