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Konoha Ultimate Storm: the perfect mobile game for Naruto fans. Team-up with legendary characters, use incredible Ninjutsu and build your strongest ninja team for intense strategy battles and unforgettable friendships.

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2020 will mark the return of passion, emotion, unforgettable encounters, and befriending in new stories and Ninjutsu! Welcome to Konoha Ultimate Storm, a mobile game based on the popular anime "Naruto". In this game, players will be able to fully experience the Wind, Lightning, Water, Earth, and Fire Ninjutsu perfectly restored from the series.

Relive the original classic story scenes in the game and explore the vast world as you build the strongest Ninja team. You can hire over 100 ninjas in the game to accompany you in your quests and never feel alone on your adventure. Pursue your own Nindo and create unforgettable stories unique to your gaming experience.

Experience the ultimate Ninjutsu with top-notch art production and gorgeous special effects. Iconic moves such as Rasengan, Chidori, Tsukuyomi, and Shinratensei will be perfectly restored for each ninja character's talent.

Witness the delicate team-up and deep bonds between characters in the original combat system. Watch Naruto and Sasuke, Zabuza and Haku, and other legendary three-number ninjas team up to fight against the odds. The open rules also provide the freedom to create your own strongest team of ninjas, bringing strategy battle to a whole new level.

Enjoy a pursuit of fair play and refuse to win on numbers alone. From relaxed entertainment to brain-exercising competitions, Konoha Ultimate Storm offers a full range of PVP fun. Meet new friends in various instance plays and team up to make unforgettable memories. Become a master of your own destiny with Konoha Ultimate Storm!
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