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Game overview

Koi Farm: breed, collect, and trade procedurally generated koi. Discover mutations, store as collectible trading cards and share with other players.

Game description generated withAI

Welcome to Koi Farm, where you can immerse yourself in the serene world of koi ponds. This game offers an endless array of koi patterns generated through a unique procedural system. Unleash your inner fish fancier and take delight in crossbreeding your koi, unveiling new mutations at every turn.

As you indulge in the delight of discovering new koi patterns, cherish your favorite koi by storing them as collectible trading cards. With the help of the handy koi book, explore the world of undiscovered mutations that await you.

Why keep the beauty of your koi to yourself? Generate koi codes that can be shared with other Koi Farm enthusiasts. Show off the depth of your koi collection and engage in friendly competition.

Take the plunge into the vast waters of Koi Farm and unleash your imagination while discovering the beauty of koi patterns through crossbreeding and mutation.
Job Talle
Release date
Apr 01, 2022
Single player