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Knights of Ages: a turn-based SRPG set in the vast Galtian Continent. Marry, raise children, conquer castles, and shape the world with your choices.

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Immerse yourself in the world of the Galtian Continent where valiant heroes created six peaceful kingdoms and eternal epics, halting the advances of barbarians to the west. As time passes and memories fade, the kingdoms are consumed by war once again, leaving you to choose between becoming a ruthless tyrant or an honorable knight that seeks to defend the innocent.

Knights of Ages is a turn-based strategy game that forces you to accept the natural end of life, with each character ultimately dying. However, before their demise, you can engage in relationships, build a family, carry on your bloodline through generations, and honor your ancestors. Your party of characters comes in a plethora of formations, each with unique skills, professions, equipment, country of origin, and race.

The game offers numerous challenging tasks to conquer and lets you rule your castles, lead mercenaries to defeat enemies, and even engage in business throughout the continent. Every choice affects the unfolding of an attractive story that ensues. You can experience the grand culture and customs of the Galtian Continent and engage in multiplayer modes like capturing forts, sharing trophies, and competing with other players.

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Seaease Games
Release date
Aug 25, 2020
Single player

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