Knights & Dragons

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Fight Dark Prince and mythical creatures with an army of brave knights, pets, and multiplayer guild in the legendary RPG adventure Knights & Dragons.

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Enter the world of Knights & Dragons, a thrilling action-packed RPG with endless battles against mythical creatures that will definitely keep you hooked for endless hours. Prepare yourself to fight against the wicked Dark Prince and his monstrous creatures with a valiant army of Knights in epic battles. As the Knight Commander, you can collect an array of powerful heroes, craft rare element armors, embark on legendary quests, and join a multiplayer guild to defend your kingdom. Plus, with the NEW Battle Pets update, you can now hunt, raise, and train heroic companions to fight alongside your brave Knights.

Form alliances with up to 5 other Knights as you prepare for the ultimate battle against rival kingdoms. Raid dungeon boss monsters with your team to unlock rare loot and earn the title of Heroes. Customize your armors and weapons with fusion elements that let you use specialized fantastical elements such as fire, water, spirit, earth, and air.

Engage in intense RPG battles with a wide range of mystic enemies, including dragons, knights, monsters and more epic creatures on a world-spanning adventure. Upgrade your gladiators to perform mass destruction attacks that can help you win the game. Collect virtual pets using bait as they grow stronger and help you advance in the game.

Crafting fusion armor lets you enhance your stats by combining epic dungeon boss monsters elements. As you progress through the game, you will collect crafting elements by battling fantasy creatures, and as a result, you can forge stunning new armor sets. With growing strength and power, your pets can power up your attack and defense abilities.

Prepare yourself for the Dark Prince's raid on your kingdom, as dragons and mythical creatures attack and threaten your home. Fear not, as you will need to combat these wicked monsters and protect your kingdom. Participate in PVP multiplayer games where you can join or create an alliance and earn massive rewards. Duel rivals and create an intense fight with your enemies by using PVP leaderboards to rank yourself against rival kingdoms in 3 game modes.

With Knights & Dragons, you can role-play as the Knight Commander, battle mythical creatures and dragons, and lead your epic heroes against a dark army of monsters. Immerse yourself in a thrilling combat game and test your strategical skills. Defeat the Dark Prince once and for all and become a legend in the epic free RPG story. Are you ready to answer the call of your kingdom? Download Knights & Dragons now!
Release date
Jun 18, 2013

Gameplay & Streams

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