Knightcore Universal

Knightcore Universal

Marscat Games Co., Ltd. 火星貓科技股份有限公司
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Knightcore": Innovative Taiwanese dungeon RPG with original gameplay, unique characters, and fashion collection features. Join forces with fellow players to save the World of Camelot.

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Knightcore" is a dungeon-based RPG developed by the creative team "Marscat" from Taiwan, featuring game content, music, comics, and theme songs. This new mobile game has gained attention and recognition by Taiwan's largest annual award, "Best Digital Product of 2019," due to its excellent content and quality. The development team has a decade of experience and includes several award-winning professionals.

Players control a knight and a team of three heroes and five knights, each with unique moves and available classes. The game offers a combination of manual and automatic interactions, providing exciting gameplay over hundreds of dungeons. Players can collect heroes that can automatically commence AI attacks, and they can switch between 10 classes and 80 skills to find the playstyle they want. They can use other player's characters for team strategy and collect resources by sending their teams on missions.

"Knightcore" offers 50 sets of free fashion clothing that players can collect by achieving specific requirements. Special wardrobe functions are also available to allow players who like to dress up to fully enjoy the role-playing experience.

The game's setting is called Camelot, ruled by a cat queen, and assisted by ten knights who serve their local lords in the five major cities. The players start as a novice knight and advance to a knight leader, working with other players to save the World of Camelot. All characters created by the players become part of the game's server, and they can be recruited by other players for adventures, providing benefits even when offline. Finally, "Knightcore" is a unique gaming experience involving meeting and parting with other knights, collaborating, and taking risks together to create a vibrant, immersive world.
Marscat Games Co., Ltd. 火星貓科技股份有限公司
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