Kitten Home: Neko Collector

Kitten Home: Neko Collector

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Game overview

Collect gold and build a dream home with adorable cats in Kitten Home: Neko Cozy Condo Furniture Collector Game, featuring riddles, hide-and-seek, and Tamagotchi-style care.

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Attention all feline enthusiasts and lovers of virtual pets! If you adore the charm of Florence and swoon over the cuteness of Tamagotchi, Kitten Home: Neko Cozy Condo Furniture Collector Game is the game for you.

In the game's story, you'll find yourself in the shoes of Emily, a happy-go-lucky single girl who recently moved into a new condo with her furry sidekick, Sweetie. The condo is in dire need of a makeover but before you dive headfirst into interior designing, you'll need to collect gold and love to build an engaging and cozy home for our feline friends. With each purchase, you'll transform the empty and dirty space into a beautiful, kawaii dreamland that both Emily and Sweetie will love.

Emily loves collecting tofu nekos and adopting furry cats, so in Kitten Home, you will have the opportunity to care for and feed these adorable creatures. When you open your doors, your little feline friends will run around, explore the condo, and even cuddle up with you when you're feeling lonely. As you collect gold and love after each level, you can buy an array of toys, furniture, and treats to keep them happy and healthy. The furnitures choices are truly adorable and will make your charming condo feel like home sweet home.

The gameplay in Kitten Home is full of variety and keeps boredom at bay with exciting elements, such as puzzle-solving, playing hide and seek with your furry friends. An added plus is the game's stunning and user-friendly interface that you'll find absolutely delightful.

In a nutshell, Kitten Home: Neko Cozy Condo Furniture Collector Game is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. This game has everything a passionate kitten collector could want, from Tamagotchi-style gameplay to the ability to create a charming kawaii home for your feline friends. Download and play now to experience a new level of fun!
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