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Build a medieval empire in an automated world with King's Landing - Idle Arcade. Enjoy the leisurely pace as your kingdom grows.

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Welcome to "King's Landing - Idle Arcade," a mobile game that combines strategic resource management with the casual fun of an idle arcade adventure. In this laid-back yet captivating medieval realm, you'll be the esteemed ruler of a burgeoning kingdom, where you can relax and enjoy your journey to dominance.

🏰 Create Your Castle:
Build and design your majestic castle at your own pace, selecting from an array of medieval structures. The kingdoms will gradually turn into magnificent empires. With the easy-going experience of an idle arcade setting, you can experiment with layouts and designs, and witness the evolution of your kingdom as it transforms into an impressive empire.

🌍 Discover an Enchanting World:
Experience a visually stunning medieval world filled with enchanting landscapes, mysterious forests, and daunting mountains. Set on an automated exploration of this breathtaking scenery, you'll uncover hidden treasures, come across mythical creatures, and build automatic trade routes with neighboring empires.

⚒️ Master Idle Resource Management:
Your automated workers will collect essential resources to fuel your kingdom's growth while you master the art of idle resource management. You can harvest timber from ancient forests, mine precious metals in mountainous regions, and cultivate fertile lands for bountiful harvests. With idle mechanics handling the intricacies, you can simply enjoy the leisurely pace of progression.

👬 Hire Automatic Helpers:
Recruit a diverse range of skilled workers to automatically carry out their tasks. Every helper has unique idle abilities that will boost resource production, speed up construction, and enhance your kingdom's efficiency. Sit back, relax and watch as your helpers tirelessly work towards the prosperity of your realm.

🔨 Expand Your Kingdom and Conquer:
Experience the satisfaction of idle expansion as your kingdom flourishes and takes over new territories. Set up automated outposts in strategic locations, allowing your idle army to defend against rival lords and mythical enemies. Relax as you watch your kingdom grow with idle conquest.

🏆 Rule the Medieval World:
As your kingdom grows and evolves, aim to become the ultimate idle ruler of the medieval world. Compete against other players in automated tournaments, participate in global idle events, and climb the leaderboards without continuous manual gameplay. Relax and enjoy your journey as you conquer the throne.

Are you ready to embark on a relaxing journey of kingdom-building, exploration, and conquest in "King's Landing- Idle Arcade?" Download the game now and embrace the laid-back, exciting path to forging your legacy in this medieval idle adventure.
Release date
Dec 19, 2023
Single player

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