Kings Hero 2

Kings Hero 2

Sergej Voronov
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Game overview

Embark on a turn-based, hexagonal, tactical RPG journey in a huge fantasy world, completing quests, fighting evil spirits, and collecting ancient artifacts in Kings Hero 2.

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Kings Hero 2 is a classic tactical fantasy game that will have you traveling through a vast and wondrous world. You'll embark on quests, battle evil spirits, seek out ancient artifacts, and face off against the toughest of bosses. If you're a fan of games like Dungeon & Dragons, Ultima, or Heroes of Might & Magic, then Kings Hero may be just the game for you.

With its turn-based style of combat on a hexagonal map, battles require strategy and quick thinking. You'll need to decide whether to use spells, launch an attack, or move your character to a different grid. Bosses come armed with powerful magic abilities, so planning your moves carefully is crucial. They can heal themselves, set traps, and call for backup, making every encounter a formidable challenge.

You'll have the option to play as one of four different character classes, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The Archer is a long-range specialist who excels at critical hits, while the Witch can heal her teammates and damage all enemies on the battlefield. The Paladin is a warrior of light whose magic can charm weapons and heal allies, and the Warrior is a skilled fighter in heavy armor who can reduce the distance to enemies and use blood magic to drain their life force.

Magic is divided into four different categories: control, damage, treatment, and charm. Each team member possesses their own spells for use in combat, though spells cannot be used again for 6 moves after being cast. As characters level up, they gain magic points that can be used to improve spells. Additionally, spells can be acquired by completing quests or defeating enemies.

Equipment is also a major component of the game, with plenty of different items available to improve your team's chances of success. Items come in various qualities, from basic gray to epic orange. They can be improved further through absorption of other, unnecessary items. When an item has been maxed out, it can evolve by merging with magical signs, increasing its class by one star while losing some of its previous improvements.

In Kings Hero 2, you'll need to put your strategic skills to the test as you journey through a thrilling and fantastical world. Face off against powerful enemies, improve your spells and equipment, and hone your tactics to become the ultimate hero.
Sergej Voronov
Release date
Mar 21, 2019

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