Kingdom of Kuru: The Great Race

Kingdom of Kuru: The Great Race

Brikym, LLC
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Game overview

Are you ready to help Thimp and the royal twins find and retrieve the grand lumen stolen by monsters during the great race in the village?

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Get ready to join the thrilling adventure in the village preparing for a grand race! During the preparations, a villager carefully carries the magnificent lumen crystal through the village, aiming to place it at the finish line. But, shockingly, hordes of vicious monsters attack the peaceful village and rob the grand lumen!

It's up to Thimp, the wise and respected Druid Chief, to find the royal twins Kiros and Kara, with their supportive Uncle Moti, and together they set out on a mission to recover the grand lumen crystal. Will you answer the call and assist them in their heroic quest?

Experience the excitement of this action-packed game, as you explore the village and surrounding countryside, encountering a diversity of challenges along the way. Navigate through treacherous terrains, beware of daunting obstacles, and use your wits and skills to outmaneuver your enemies.

Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline, infused with enchanting characters, engaging quests, and mesmerizing visuals. Engage in epic battles against fierce monsters, with your loyal companions by your side.

Master your strategic thinking and battle skills, as you progress through the game, unlocking new powers, spells, and abilities, and unleashing their full potential in pulse-pounding fights.

Will you be the hero that the village needs? Will you succeed in recovering the grand lumen crystal and restore peace to the land? Play now and find out!
Brikym, LLC
Release date
Mar 17, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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