GamesKINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link


Release date: 2024

Game overview

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link merges GPS and immersive gameplay, exploring a vast map with iconic Disney characters and Kingdom Hearts protagonists, battling bosses and collecting trophies.

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Set out on an unparalleled adventure with Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, a revolutionary combination of GPS connection and captivating gameplay that smoothly integrates the virtual universe with tangible locations.

Explore an intricately crafted map full of formidable foes, imposing bosses, and hidden treasures, all set against the charming backdrop of Disney's iconic characters gracing various places of interest. Engage in dynamic combat reminiscent of the unique Kingdom Hearts style, featuring fast-paced 3D action sequences. Observe characters execute agile maneuvers, brandishing their keyblades with exactitude, all seamlessly executed by using intuitive touchscreen commands.

Uncover a wide range of collectible rewards, each spotlighting characters and unlocking devastating special abilities, harmoniously integrated with the game's highly anticipated gacha mechanics. Choose from a formidable party of four, blending beloved Disney personalities with tried-and-true Kingdom Hearts heroes, ensuring a synergistic approach to combat.

Embark on a journey back to the ineffable realm of Scala ad Caelum, a city of cosmic significance that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3, serving as the hub from which all worlds emerge. Plunge into the mystifying Astral Plane, depicted as a domain uniting existence and non-existence, offering an alluring connection to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4 location of Quadratum, an otherworldly metropolis existing beyond the boundaries of reality.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link invites you to engage in an unforgettable odyssey that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, altering the very core of interactive gaming.
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