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Overthrow or suppress a dictatorship in Kill the Dictator, a strategic combat game with realistic weather changes, various modes, and a ranking system.

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Kill the Dictator offers a thrilling gameplay that takes place in the virtual state of Gerands, which has suffered from dictatorship for years. The citizens decide to protest against the tyrannical rule, but the government responds by declaring martial law and pointing guns at them. As a player, you can either lead the rebel forces to overthrow the dictator, Patro Neines, or act as the government army and suppress the rebellion.

One of the key elements of the game is the combat system, which requires you to organize and deploy your units strategically to seize the enemy base successfully. You need to use your resources wisely by upgrading unit production, skills, and cooldowns as you face various circumstances.

The game's realistic weather change system adds more depth to the gameplay, as the day and night cycles affect battles differently. During nighttime, your field of view becomes narrower, and when it rains, your movement slows down. Therefore, you need to adjust your strategy accordingly to counteract these weather changes.

As you progress through the game, the units and skills automatically upgrade, and you can also repair and level up any desired zones using the supplied buck. Additionally, you can enjoy different game modes, such as Extermination, Seize Battle, and Crisis, each with unique clear conditions and gameplay events.

Kill the Dictator also features a random battle system that keeps the game fresh and challenging every time you play. Each region has different battlefield sizes, maps, advantages, and penalty units that significantly affect the battle. Therefore, you need to formulate different tactics to counteract the enemy's tactics and adapt to the land's attributes.

Full voice-over narration and voice acting provide you with a sense of immediacy that immerses you in the game world. Finally, the ranking system adds an element of competition, where your shortest clear time determines your ranking among other players. So, come up with your best strategy, clear the modes faster than other players, and climb your way up the leaderboards.
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Release date
May 28, 2019
Single player

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