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Join Kill Shot Bravo's FPS action in over 4000 missions. Prove your sniper skills in PVP duels, alliances, and bounty events. Customize your gear and avatar.

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Step into the thrilling world of Kill Shot Bravo! Engage yourself in a free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS) sniper game on your mobile device. Prove your marksmanship in the most exceptional multiplayer 3D sniper game on the planet today.

Equip yourself with lethal sniper weapons, powerful machine guns, and the latest military hardware, while completing your covert missions, all in a free online FPS multiplayer action shooting game. Protect the world with your duty. That means fighting terrorists, taking down zombies, and waging war on evil armies.

Are you a skilled and precise sharpshooter? Then demonstrate your prowess in the best free online multiplayer sniper game on mobile. Join the game’s more than 4,000 missions, navigate dangerous secret missions around the world, and take out hostile army forces trying to halt the path to a peaceful world. From jungle mountain guerrilla warfare to recon missions on Mediterranean islands to city street warfare, you'll travel around the world to gun down terror threats as an elite sniper.

Commandeer vehicles to swing the tides of battle in your favor, and battle down narrow alleyways in a jeep with combat up close or take out dangerous enemy threats by controlling the skies in perilous helicopter missions! Clear out endlessly occupied buildings with breach missions by ridding them of any threat. Participate in multiplayer assault games to survive a full-scale enemy assault and shoot more enemies than your opponents. Move through incredible 3D spaces to discover the ideal sniper vantage points and take the critical Kill Shot!

Shoot down a wide array of enemy types, each with its own strengths and mission objectives to prove you can adjust to different shooting game types. Mount the fury and shoot down a string of foes such as Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Zombies, Heavy Gunners, sniper assassin Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, Commando Bombers, and ultimately assassinate the boss.

In live online multiplayer Player Verses Player shooting matches in PVP mode, face off against snipers in bitter duels. In addition, use your heat meter to track the enemy threat and locate your target. Find your target, aim, and then fire! Multiplayer shooting games have never been so realistic.

Build strong alliances with other shooters and assist each other in completing high-risk missions. Collect bounties from enemies, and get rid of zombie hordes in exclusive events. Collaborate to put a stop to the Virus and commence destroying some zombies. Invite friends to join you in multiplayer missions to identify targets and help you eliminate enemies. The game has a full Chat function, allowing for strategic conversations with other snipers.

Customize your profile, and get perks to aid you in battle! Equip yourself with stylish army gear, including helmets, military clothing, body armor, goggles, face masks, gloves, boots, and more. Witness an exciting Kill Shot moment with every victory! Kill Shot Bravo is a free online multiplayer fps sniper game with premium customized content.

Compete for high scores alone or with your Alliance against rival Alliances on Google Play Services Leaderboards and Achievements. Display your deadly sniper abilities by earning achievements.

Finally, you can play the best fun free FPS Sniper 3D Shooting Game on Mobile for free! By downloading this app, you agree to be subject to Decagames' Privacy Policy and Decagames' Terms of Use.

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Release date
Nov 17, 2015
Single player




kaiakaiafrom Skich app

Great game. It's a shame that at a certain point it becomes very Pay To Win, limiting the player's fun.

rodrigorodrigofrom Skich app

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