GamesKidou Club G: Braver Burst

Game overview

In a turn-based battle, distribute attack and defense energy, and read your opponent's move to become the strongest in giant robot competitions.

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Get ready to aim for the top in a futuristic giant robot competition with intense battles. Although a turn-based battle system is involved, luck hardly has any place in this game. The key to victory is how well you can read your opponent's actions. Manage your attack and defense energy distribution, master the special abilities of your robot and pilot, and dominate the reading game. With the best tactics in place, blow your opponent away.

The rules are simple, yet the reading game is intense. The basis and secret of this game is balancing your attack and defense energy. Although the game is turn-based, the attack and defense sides compete in energy distribution, and whoever produces a larger number succeeds in their action. You can activate the abilities of your robot and pilot at any time and use them to get an advantage over your opponent.

You will be thrilled to see the cool and cute robots in action. Designed with motifs of exposed engines, gorillas, thunder gods, and birds of prey, among others, these robots will ignite the inner child in you and go wild in full animation.

Sharpen your skills against your rivals and challenge them to online battles. Winning strategies today may not necessarily work tomorrow. Study tactics day and night to earn the title of "Great Braver."

Visit the official website at for more information. The game is available on Android devices with Android 12 or higher.

(c) 2022 Pegass85
Release date
May 21, 2022
Single player

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